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La synergie humaine au centre.

COMMITMENT #diversity#

Diversity at IT&M is the willingness to bring together difference in all its forms : the difference of origins, cultures and beliefs, life paths, training, experiences, technical skills, business expertise, projects, clients, partners, developments.

The #DIVERSITY# commitment of the IT&M Group, more than an ethical behavior, is a policy written, of origin, in the DNA of each employee of the company, management teams, administrative, commercial, technical and advisory teams. Everyone is invested and convinced of this positioning.

IT&M, est signataire de la charte de la diversité, pour promouvoir l’égalité d’accès aux   emplois, l’égalité des chances de la lutte contre toute forme de discrimination.


From the #Diversity# policy very rich on the human level is a real catalyst for exchanges, flowing the commitment #BEHAPPYATWORK#.

This well-being at work is conducive to creating value, innovation in both ideas and social innovation. The ability of the IT&M Group to adapt to rapid technological changes in the market and to review its organisational processes in order to continue its development is possible due to constant flexibility and proximity in its management and leadership. The quality of the hierarchical relationship is a daily concern of the company which integrates it as a major element of the quality of working life. Being attentive, valuing human qualities and skills, ensuring the recognition of work, the moral and physical integrity of employees, Implement conflict management and stress management tools to preserve everyone’s interests.

Equal opportunities combined with enhanced employee engagement and quality of working life contribute to strengthening the Group’s Employer Mark.

#BEHAPPYATWORK# at IT&M, it also means alternating different ways of working when possible, such as teleworking, flexible working hours. It also promotes breakfast spaces within the company to facilitate exchanges and create events or moments of sharing outside the company to bring together teams but also times when employees are find outside working hours.


IT&M is involved in an environmental approach with a wareness of all employees to the reduction of environmental impacts through daily gestures in order to contribute to a responsible economy. This is materialized by energy-saving and anti-waste measures within the company, and a reflection of the waste impacts and rationalization of purchases, as well as the implementation of alternative mobility solutions, such as company carpooling, telework days depending on projects and positions.